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Strategy consulting

A changing world

Deeply affected by a persistent crisis, the economy is experiencing fundamental changes. These changes generate much anxiety, but they are also opportunities to re-assert our competitiveness. The great diversity of present challenges requires the business community to accelerate adaptation and bolster dynamism.

To effectively enact change, active collaboration from all stakeholders is necessary. More than ever, it is essential to implicate all stakeholders in the conception of new policies and make their input at the heart of the business’s and their own success. We will work to rationalize your strategies and increase operational efficiency.

Security and safety solutions

We provide security and cybersecurity solutions

The Operation Office accompanies its clients as part of a holistic consulting and operational-assistance mandate to identify and implement the most pertinent human, technical and organizational solutions to best secure personnel and goods during the whole project life cycle

Personal safety and security

  • Personal Protection and Transfers
  • Safety Advice and Solutions
  • Individual and Vehicle GPS Tracking

Port security : Air, Ground and maritime

  • Safety advice and solutions
  • Technical aid and personnel
  • Other services
  • Safety advice and solutions
  • Technical aid and personnel
  • Recognized security organizations (RSO) conduct all port audits

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